Global Event: Afternoons with an Author “MAD(E) IN INDIA”

Global Event: Afternoons with an Author “MAD(E) IN INDIA”

Afternoons with an Author: 26th June, 2022 with Soumya Gupta/Tarika Roy
  • February 21, 2024 - April 14, 2024
  • 4:00 PM
  • YouTube & Facebook channels
  • +91-3222-282435

The June edition of ‘Afternoon with an Author’ will not have one but two women authors who will discuss at length their debut book ‘Mad(E) in India.’

Soumya Gupta and Tarika Roy’s ‘Mad(e) In India is a frank and funny exploration of India and Indians. Interwoven with wit, the book explores Indianness and its multi-facets—we as a people, a vibrant nation, our superstitions, gods and goddesses, cities and lanes, our obsession with Bollywood, solving problems through jugaads, cuisines, culture, arts and tradition that are bound by a sense of unity that ties it all together. Skilfully crafted in a conversational style the book makes for a light read.

Soumya and Tarika will be in conversation with Dr Sanjeev Chopra, Festival Director of Valley of Words!

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