What is IDR or Institutional Digital Repository?

IDR or Institutional Digital Repository, plays an important role in digital libraries. It serves as a centralized platform for storing, preserving, and providing access to the intellectual output of an institution, such as research papers, theses, dissertations, reports, and other scholarly works.

IDR at digital libraries serves as a vital resource for preserving and sharing an institution’s scholarly output. It promotes collaboration, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and contributes to the global knowledge ecosystem by making valuable intellectual contributions more accessible.

IDR Installation / Integration



Step 1

Sending the first communication to the Institutes asking for the information if they have their IDR or not. / Received request from an institute for IDR creation.

Step 2

If the institutes have IDR, then collect the URL and check if the URL is working or not.

Step 3

If the IDR Url is working properly then check whether the IDR data (Parameters – available metadata & quality, content opening status) is ready for NDLI integration?

Step 4

After checking the institute’s IDR data If the data is ready to harvest or any institute showing interest for data integration to the NDLI then send them MoU

Step 5

If the IDR Url is not in public domain then communicate with the institute requesting for IDR url opening publicly.

Step 6

Prepare MoU and if the IDR data is ok for harvest/integration then pass it to Subrata Bose’s Team for necessary data collection & curation.

Step 7

If the Institute doesn’t have their IDR then communicate and inform them about the system specification they need for Dspace Installation and maintenance.

Step 8

Follow up with the institute if they are ready with the IDR, if not then check what problem they are facing

Step 9

Once it’s ready, ask the Institute for the URI and share it to Dr. Subrata Bose’s Team at KEC for data collection & curation

Step 10

Sending the Institute Content partner Certificate

Step 11

Once it’s integrated in NDLI, checking IDRs time to time

Step 12

If there is any issue following up with the Institute

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