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The National Digital Library of India Club (NDLI Club) plays a crucial role in fostering career advancement for students, job seekers, researchers, and learners. By establishing NDLI Clubs in educational institutes and nodal bodies, the organization provides a platform for various events aimed at enabling students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and qualities beyond the confines of their regular curriculum. These events are vital for their professional growth in their respective fields. Both physical and virtual events are conducted by the NDLI Clubs, with virtual events being web-based and hosted through the NDLI Club portal. These events are organized at different levels, including the institute level, city/district/state/regional level, and even at an all-India level.

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IDR or Institutional Digital Repository, plays an important role in digital libraries. It serves as a centralized platform for storing, preserving, and providing access to the intellectual output of an institution, such as research papers, theses, dissertations, reports, and other scholarly works.

IDR at digital libraries serves as a vital resource for preserving and sharing an institution’s scholarly output. It promotes collaboration, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and contributes to the global knowledge ecosystem by making valuable intellectual contributions more accessible.

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